DiamondGlow® & Chemical Peel Treatments

DiamondGlow® Dermalinfusion Treatment

DiamondGlow® is a skin-freshening technique, similar to microdermabrasion, that helps repair skin after damage from the sun, acne, and the effects of aging. This procedure combines non-invasive exfoliation with patient-specific solutions infused deep into the skin’s layers. These solutions contain no harsh chemicals and lighten, hydrate, clear, and nourish the skin.  The device exfoliates the skin using medical-grade diamond head tips, providing no wounding.

As with other skin rejuvenation techniques, this can be combined with other procedures to get the best results for your specific skin needs. Repeated treatments with our certified provider may be needed to reduce or remove fine lines and unwanted pigmentation. Immediately after the procedure, your skin feels softer and more replenished. 

Chemical Peel Treatments

Do you notice that your skin seems a little more lackluster with each passing birthday? Is there something you can do to refresh your skin? Those fine lines, age spots, and dull skin can be successfully treated. The simplest way to see results is to remove the outer layer of skin and expose the fresh new skin underneath.

Chemical peeling is a technique used to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin, typically on the hands, face, or neck, by exposing new skin. Chemical peel solutions include glycolic, low-concentration TCA, retinoic acid, or amino acid combinations. Glycolic and salicylic acid are excellent skin tools for exfoliating, renewing, and treating mild scarring and certain types of acne. Trichloracetic acid peels target more pronounced wrinkles and sun damage. Lactic, glycolic, lipoic, kojic, salicylic, and other peels are all-natural means to exfoliate and renew the skin without friction. As a result, chemical peel treatments can improve moisture retention, soften fine lines, unclog pores, and generally promote clearer, healthier, and more luminous skin.

  • Length of Each Procedure: 30 – 45 minutes
  • In/Out Patient: Outpatient
  • Recovery Time: For DiamondGlow® treatments, the skin may be slightly pink or red for a few hours, but mostly there is no downtime.  For chemical peel treatments, downtime may vary, depending on the type of peel.  For light peels, there may be slight slothing or flaking of the skin.  Mid-grade peels have extensive peeling, particularly from days three through five.
  • Treatment Frequency: May be repeated bi-weekly, monthly, or as Dr. Fuller advises to maximize results.
  • Risks: Irritation, irregular pigmentation, persistent redness, possible wounds, and scarring if performed incorrectly
  • Duration of Results: Temporary, but results continue to improve with repeated treatment. Sun protection is essential to maintain results.