Laser Hair Removal

It’s a little embarrassing to talk about unwanted hair that crops up in places it isn’t supposed to. It happens to everyone, though, and new advances in hair removal give patients long-lasting results.

Photoepilation is a non-invasive treatment that removes unwanted hair anywhere on the body and is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed by dermatologists. Since thousands of hairs can be zapped in a single treatment session, large areas like the back, shoulders, arms and legs can be effectively and efficiently treated.  Smaller areas above the lip or target areas such as the chin or specific moles are treated successfully with photoepilation as well.

Description: A nonsurgical method of permanently reducing unwanted facial or body hair by using low-energy lasers on the skin.

Length of Procedure: several minutes to several hours, depending on the size of area treated

In/Out Patient: Outpatient

Anesthesia: None required

Recovery Time: None

Treatment Frequency: Several sessions may be needed because not all hair follicles will be destroyed in each treatment

Risks: Redness, swelling, skin sensitivity, scarring

Duration of Results: Partially permanent, although follow-up treatments may be necessary

You Should Know: The ideal laser hair removal patient has fair skin and dark hair. There are special considerations for those with pigmented skin. Dark skin, or any skin with a suntan, is more prone to burns or irregular pigmentation after treatment with the laser.

Four  Questions to ask your Dermatologist about Laser Hair Removal:
1. Have you performed a lot of laser hair removal?
2. Have you treated people with my skin type on a regular basis?
3. Have you been successful in those treatments?
4. What is your complication rate in patients with my skin type?