– All patients will be screened extensively and repeatedly for COVID-19, prior to and during their appointment. 
 – Dr. Fuller will call you prior to your appointment, for the verbal screening. You may be asked the same screening questions, during your appointment.  If she is unable to contact you prior to your appointment, she will then screen during your check-in.

 – Domestic/International Travel: You or someone in your household has traveled outside of North Carolina (including South Carolina) or internationally/outside the United States, in the last 2 weeks.
 – You or someone in your household participated in any group gatherings larger than 5 people, indoors or outdoors (social, business, religious and/or political), within the last 2 weeks. This would include restaurants, malls, movie theaters, sporting events, houses of worship, weddings, funerals, etc. This does not include quick shopping of groceries and/or other necessities, where you are not standing/sitting in one area for an extensive period of time, around large number of people that are talking, eating, or drinking.
 – You or someone in your household has ever tested positive or suspected of having COVID-19.

 – PARKING: Please drive around to the back of the building and park directly behind it, facing towards the back door (brown door with a pink heart on it). Stay in your car and check-in by calling us at 704-370-2700, option 1 or extension 205, to notify us of your arrival. We request for you to remain in your car, until Dr. Fuller directs you to come out of your vehicle. She will then escort you into the building.
 – NO WAITING ROOM: Additional family members/caregivers will not be permitted to attend the appointment, except in the case of a minor, handicap, or elderly patient needing assistance.
 – PAYMENTS: If you don’t already have pre-arranged payment information on file, please provide the credit card information to Elizabeth/Liz (office manager, prior to your appointment or when checking in from your car. We will use the card on file for your account, unless you provide us with information for a different credit card.
 – PURCHASING PRODCUTS: If you need to replenish any products, please let Liz know ahead of time, so that she can check on availability and have it ready prior to your visit.
 – MASKS REQUIRED FOR ALL: All patients are asked to wear your own mask, even if you have been COVID-19 vaccinated. If you do not have one available, please let us know during your check-in, so that we can provide one for you.
 – PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Please leave all personal belongings (i.e. cell phone, purse, sunglasses, etc.) securely in your car. If you can, please keep your car keys in a pocket if available. If not, please hold onto them until you reach the treatment room.
 – TEMPERATURE READING: Your temperature will be taken, prior to entering the treatment room and then once in the treatment room,  Dr. Fuller will have you wash your hands.
 – “NO TOUCH” POLICY: All of the following will be done for you by Dr. Fuller: opening/closing of building doors, turning faucets on/off, dispensing of soap, and issuing paper towels.
 – “NO TALK” POLICY: If you must speak, only speak if you have a mask on. If a procedure requires for the mask to be taken off temporarily, we ask for you to not talk at all during this time. Dr. Fuller may split your visit up in two parts (inside your car and inside our treatment room). Majority of the verbal discussions may be done over the phone. By limiting talking in person, this will help to avoid dispersion of micro-droplets of infections. But also, with all the PPE gear/masks in place, the air vents running, the air purification devices turned on, and possibly other medical devices such as lasers, we have discovered that verbal communication can be quite challenging!

 – If you have a fever greater than 100.4 degrees.
 – If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, fatigue, shortness of breath, diminished taste or smell, headache, loss of appetite, rash, muscle/joint aches, and/or cold or flu-like symptoms.
 – If you have been in contact with anyone experiencing any of the above symptoms.
 – If you have been in contact with anyone who tested positive or under suspicion of having COVID-19.