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Bridal Testimonials

“I couldn’t have hoped to find a better service to attain beautiful skin on my wedding day than the Esthetics Center for Dermatology provided me. The entire staff was warm and friendly. Dr. Fuller genuinely wanted me to look my best and went above and beyond my expectations to be sure my skin looked amazing.I did not have a single blemish to hide as I walked down the aisle and I’m still struck at how smooth and flawless my skin looks when looking at pictures. I’ll be a customer for life. You don’t find service like that often.

– Erin R.

Bridal Testimonial

“During my first visit to Esthetics, Dr. Fuller explained a few procedures, and one of these was facial laser hair removal. It peaked my interest, so she went on to provide a full explanation of the treatment. Since it was a few months prior to my wedding, I saw this as a great opportunity to pursue. During visits, she always checked my progress and asked if I had concerns. A couple of weeks before the wedding, Dr. Fuller went the extra mile by providing tips to help me in the days leading to the wedding such as a cleansing process and a very practical method to help me reduce facial shine on my wedding day. She even offered “emergency assistance” in case anything seemed unusual with my skin on the day of the wedding. This is the type of genuine care is what encourages me to return to Esthetics.