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I have been a patient for almost two years for a variety of services. You really taught me how to have happy skin! I am always getting compliments on my skin and have had great results with the Gentle YAG procedures. You have such an amazing aura about you and it’s always a pleasure to come see you and your staff. Rebeca and Liz always take good care of your patients!
– Yolanda 

Dr. Fuller,
My keloid scar made my self esteem low and I hated meeting new people and I especially hated going out on dates. People would always point and ask questions about my scar. It has been a painful journey for me. When I came to your office I was worried that my prognosis would not be good. I had been to numerous doctors before you and everyone told me that there was nothing that they could do and I should “just get over it”. Thanks to you, my scar is now almost completely flat and is hardly noticeable under concealer. You changed my life!! I feel so much more confident. I am so thankful for you and all that you have done to help my skin.
– Erin H.

Dr. Fuller,
Words aren’t adequate to describe the journey you helped me through as I recovered from what was to ‘me’ severe hair loss and other skin issues. In retrospect, my self esteem was recovered during this healing process. My thanks to you and your staff. Continued blessings and abundance.
 – A. Clinton

Dr. Fuller,
Thank you so very much for kindness, healing spirit, and thoroughness. You have helped me in the past and today you helped my husband. You gently but concisely spoke words of truth to my husband regarding how his lifestyle was impacting his skin and his overall health. You have my deepest appreciation and respect. Thank you!
– Susan S.

Dr. Fuller, thank you so much for being you. I will never forget how you took the time to share words of encouragement about my hair loss. You encouraged me to speak healing into my hair growth and I did. My hair is growing back in those bald areas. You educated me so much about the beauty of natural hair. I’m at the 6 month stretch without any chemicals. Thanks to you I’m loving what was blessed to me-natural beauty.
P.S. Great staff
– E. Reid

Dr. Fuller,
I was at your office Saturday with my son and I am so very happy I came. I didn’t realize the damage I was doing using the wrong products . You gave me everything I needed to get on the right skin track. I will be back and will stay on the correct road to healthier skin. My son loved being in your office; your staff is so nice. WELL DONE!!!!!!!
– S. Suber

I just read the article in the Charlotte Observer about your life and I think it was absolutely wonderful! Whether you know it or not you really inspired me on this day!
– Donna

Dr. Fuller, this testimonial is long overdue. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. I, like many others, thought that beauty included having long beautiful straight hair. As a result, I started getting relaxers. I thought as long as I was going to an experienced stylist every two weeks and getting conditioning treatments, all would be well. All was well until about 8 years ago when I saw a bald spot starting to develop in the crown of my head.

I went to numerous dermatologists who told me that I had scarring alopecia and that my hair would never grow back. I would leave their office in disappointment because I didn’t have a solution and thought I was doomed; however, I continued to get relaxers thus compounding the problem. One day, my hair and scalp said “we’ve had enough”. My hair started shedding to the point that even my hair stylist couldn’t understand what was occurring. She convinced me to try seeing a dermatologist again. I was able to see Dr. Fuller the same day of my call and I will never forget that day. As I entered her office on August 6, 2009, I could feel the burden being lifted and a sense of peace.

Long story short, that day was the beginning of the healing process for me. I like the fact that Dr. Fuller took the time to evaluate my hair styling practices, diet, and health history as well as explaining to me what was taking place with my hair and scalp. With an aggressive regimen prescribed by Dr. Fuller, my hair and scalp began to heal. Today, my hair, scalp and I are extremely happy!!!!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have decided to go natural but I did (thank you Dr. Fuller for encouraging me to embrace this change that was best for me). I am thankful and pleased with the results. My hair is beautiful and healthy!!!
B. Springs

Dr. Fuller, I wanted to thank you for everything. After researching and looking for someone to help my skin, I finally found you. Your staff, your office, and your healing nature moved me to tears. I am thankful for you. I was so scared to try laser hair removal. I feared pain and losing my money. My treatments are pain-free (for real pain-free) and it’s worth every cent. After my third treatment, I thought I was done, no more tweezing. I am 47 years old and my skin looks good. My treatments are so fast, that when I am done, I don’t want to leave the office. My facial hairs were so severe that I spent 1-2 hours a day tweezing hair. This went on for about 7 years. Now, I can get up and go. I sometimes leave home without make-up. I feel brand new. Thank you Dr. Fuller and your staff.
– F. G. 

The combination of Dr. Fuller’s expertise, her ability to correctly and quickly diagnose my skin issues, her professionalism, the soothing ambiance of the Center and her wonderful aura – have made me a fan! I absolutely love Dr. Fuller and willingly travel from Greensboro to see her. I will continue to recommend her to others. Thank you, Dr. Fuller!
– Edna R.

GREAT Staff, Serene environment, professional knowledge and then there is Dr. FULLER, wow, what a powerful experience for me to have had the pleasure of visiting Esthetics last week! AWESOME!
– SH  

Thank you Dr. Fuller for the quick relief you provided me for a vexing skin problem that had bothered me for months. I had worried that it would be a costly and involved fix but you made it so easy and gave me uplifting words in addition. You’re the best!
– R. Caldwell  

Thank you Dr. Fuller for all that you do. When I met you in January I knew in my heart that you were the doctor for me, to help me clear up my face. You were thorough and patient with me and I really appreciated that. You knew exactly what to do to help my acne. Thank you!
– C. Payne

A service worth paying for. From the time I walked in your office to the professionalism of your staff, I couldn’t have been more satisfied!
– TC

Ms. Fuller, I just want to thank you so much for the comfort, love and care that you showed me when I visited your office. Everything you told me to do as it relates to my skin, I did it and it worked! You are a blessing!
– C. Barnett

I cried, I just cried…I was so blessed! Never in the 28 years of waiting for the proper diagnosis did I ever think my hyperpigmentation would ever be so skillfully treated. Not enough words could ever be stated for the magnificent gift of knowledge, poise, talent and AGAPE LOVE that I received from Dr. Fuller. Thank you!!!
– K. A. Weaver

During my first visit to Esthetics, Dr. Fuller explained a few procedures, and one of these was facial laser hair removal. It peaked my interest, so she went on to provide a full explanation of the treatment. Since it was a few months prior to my wedding, I saw this as a great opportunity to pursue. During visits, she always checked my progress and asked if I had concerns. A couple of weeks before the wedding, Dr. Fuller went the extra mile by providing tips to help me in the days leading to the wedding such as a cleansing process and a very practical method to help me reduce facial shine on my wedding day. She even offered “emergency assistance” in case anything seemed unusual with my skin on the day of the wedding. This is the type of genuine care is what encourages me to return to Esthetics.
– CLB 

I couldn’t have hoped to find a better service to attain beautiful skin on my wedding day than the Esthetics Center for Dermatology provided me. The entire staff was warm and friendly. Dr. Fuller genuinely wanted me to look my best and went above and beyond my expectations to be sure my skin looked amazing. I did not have a single blemish to hide as I walked down the aisle and I’m still struck at how smooth and flawless my skin looks when looking at pictures. I’ll be a customer for life. You don’t find service like that often.
– Erin R. 

I’m a 33 year old African-American woman, who on my last birthday decided to finally “gift to myself” a body treatment. Because of the ingrown hairs I’d develop after shaving and/or waxing, I chose to have Laser Hair Removal. After much research at other laser centers in the Charlotte area, I chose Esthetics Center for Dermatology for two reasons: One, because my fiancée had chose the center to have facial moles removed via laser treatment with great success and second, because I wanted the peace of mind in knowing that a dermatologist was onsite in the event of any complications.

Dr. Peggy Fuller and staff made me feel very relaxed and at ease from the moment I entered the door. Added to their pleasant demeanor, the center’s spa-like decor and ambiance help to create a serene atmosphere unlike any doctor’s office you might expect. Prior to the start of my treatments, Dr. Fuller and staff discussed with me the type of laser that would be used (YAG laser), my desired results, actual results, possible side effects and costs. Any questions I had regarding any of the above were always welcomed and responded to in a friendly and timely manner.

I think most women of color are apprehensive about having laser hair removal for fear of skin discoloring, scarring, unbearable pain, and price – I’ll admit, my concerns were the same. However my experience was a successful one and the cost was very reasonable for the areas I had treated. It’s a wonderful feeling not having to shave my underarms every other day or fuss over painful ingrowns! I’d absolutely recommend the Esthetics Center for Dermatology to other men and women of color.
– Monique B. 

I’ve had a severe dandruff problem all my life. I’ve been to many other dermatologists and tried many products and it never improved. I found Dr. Fuller on the internet and I was very impressed during my first appointment at how she looked at everything from my diet to what vitamins I was taking. She didn’t just look at my scalp but at the whole picture. I had no idea that some things that I ate may attribute my dandruff problem. Dr. Fuller is very thorough and very informative. I have gotten wonderful results from seeing Dr. Fuller. I have recommended her to family members and encourage anyone with any type of dermatologic issues to go see Dr. Fuller.
– R.A.  

Dearest Dr. Fuller.
I am AMAZED at the progress I’ve seen in my skin in the mere 6 hours since my visit! My contact dermatitis has practically disappeared. This was my third visit with you. Each time I had a different “issue” and each time I have had astonishing results…borderline miraculous. I cannot thank you enough for your time and care and I cannot wait to see you at my follow-up appointment. Many thanks.

P.S.  I’ll be calling you soon. Since my results are so incredible, my husband would like to make an appointment to see you!
– T. Morgan

My experience has been extremely pleasant and beneficial. I am soooo glad I decided to do my skin a favor and visit Dr. Fuller. This is my 3rd visit and I have seen remarkable results in my cystic acne prone skin. The silk peel has done wonders in the overall repairing of my skin. I have suffered for over 3years and finally found a permanent solution. Thanks to you Dr. Fuller my skin is radiant and almost flawless:)
– D. Vaughn 

I was very nervous about having the laser hair removal done. After meeting Dr. Fuller and her staff I quickly felt at ease. Dr. Fuller and her staff are very honest and caring. You can tell that they love their job and that they are very good at it.
– Joseph W. 

Dr. Fuller,
Just a note to say “THANKS” for your care and concern regarding my son. I cannot begin to explain how your patience and gentleness made a major difference. It’s nice people like you who really care, “that makes a difference in the world”.
– M.B.