Just for Men: Aesthetics In Men


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Men make up a fast growing segment of the aesthetic and cosmetic industries, representing about 10% of all cosmetic procedures in the past year.  More men are seeking cosmetic procedures, and their preferences and expectations for results often differ from those of women seeking the same procedures. Since 1997, cosmetics procedures performed on men have increased by 273%. Traditionally, men have been overlooked in the dermatology community and women have been the focus of studies on beauty and aging. Rising concerns about grooming and aging may be a strong contributor to this growing phenomenon amongst the male population. Men care just as much about their appearance and attractiveness.


To find the best fit for treatment it is important for men to be as specific and forthcoming as possible about areas of concern. The top cosmetic concerns amongst men are aging skin and submental fat. Two other commonly sought after procedures by male patients are dermal fillers and neuromodulators (i.e: BOTOX, Xeomin, Dysport). Men typically seek dermal fillers to rejuvenate the area underneath the eyes. It is a target area because of its ability to help men avoid looking perpetually tired. It is important for your dermatologist to understand the difference in facial composition between the sexes in order to get the desired look. With the help of fillers, they can shave off years and recapture their youthful appearance subtly. Procedures for the jawline and submental fat region (double chin) are also becoming increasingly routine. Kybella (synthetic deoxycholic acid) destroys fat cells in this area leaving patients with more jawline and neck definition. These procedures reduce the appearance of girth and help with physically uncomfortable situations such as wearing a button-down shirt that becomes very tight around the neck serving both a cosmetic and functional purpose.
As the interest in cosmetic procedures for male patients grows, so will the number of treatments that specifically target the cosmetic needs of men. It boils down to one simple fact: Men want to look and feel good!