Facial Treatments by Esthetics

Facial treatments are beneficial because they can temporarily shrink glands that produce oil, reduce acne flare-ups, and decrease the size of pores for a more even complexion. Today’s modern treatments do all that and more. Some use light and topical enhancers to boost the production of collagen, which makes your skin look plump, full and luminous; others are chemical-based to renew and invigorate your skin.

There is a variety of such procedures on the market today, and after an evaluation with Dr. Fuller, she can advise which facial treatment(s) would be the best for your skin type.

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SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion™

This procedure is a skin-freshening technique that helps repair skin after damage from the sun, acne, and the effects of aging. SilkPeel® gently exfoliates and infuses skin-specific solutions customized for each client. Specific solutions can be used to lighten, clarify and even hydrate the skin. Medical grade diamond head tips are used for this gentle exfoliation; no wounding is caused to the skin. As with other skin rejuvenation techniques, this can be combined with other procedures to get the best results for your skin type. More than one treatment with our certified esthetician may be needed to achieve optimal results.
Price: $150.00 per treatment (includes 2 passes of the face, 1 pass of the front neck, and then spot treatments for problem areas (if needed).


$25.00 – $50.00


Eyebrows-Design: $20.00
Eyebrows-Maintenance: $15.00
Upper Lip or Chin: $15.00